Progressive Slots – A Beginner’s Guide

Progressive Slots – A Beginner’s Guide What is Progressive Slot Machines, and how do they work? Progressive slot machines are machines that pay out either an actual cash prize or a progressive bonus. You can win either by purchasing additional credits for playing (called “chips”), or by reaching the progressive bonus point limit. The point […]

How Often Do Progressive Slots Payout?

How Often Do Progressive Slots Payout? When I first started playing progressive slot machines, my primary question was “how much does progressive slot machines pay?” This is a great question and it’s not just because the progressive slot machine is my favorite type of slot machine to play, but I also enjoy the fact that […]

What Are Progressive Slots?

What Are Progressive Slots? Progressive slots are similar to regular slots except that the reels spin at a faster rate. In order for a slot machine to become progressive, it must be a “reward” based or it would lose its progressive reputation. This type of machine is more popular with both players and casinos than […]